An irresistible location for filming and photoshoots.

Filming at Sullington

Sullington Manor Farm – an irresistible location for filming and photoshoots.

Filmmakers and photographers are drawn to the scenic landscapes and rustic atmosphere that farms provide, as great backdrops for films, dramas and fashion shoots set in rural areas. Sullington Manor Farm offers rolling Downland, arable fields, old barns and ancient farmhouse and plenty of room for the crew, catering and all your filming needs. We offer a diverse range of settings and features that can be utilized in a variety of ways.

We have a beautiful 15th century tithe barn which is known to be one of the longest barns in Sussex and another large barn which dates from 1550. Although repaired in 2013 the 500 year old barn retains its warm atmosphere and authenticity. The tithe barn, the rolling downland landscape of the farm and the farmhouse have been used previously for filming. Sullington Manor Farm has featured in BBC programmes, music videos and photo shoots for Harper’s Bazaar.