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Are you looking for bespoke and artisanal wooden pieces made locally?

Alex Arbuthnot, Zayin Studios featured at the cafe at The Old Workshop, Sullington Manor Farm

The cafe at The Old Workshop has the perfect answer!

We, at the cafe at The Old Workshop believe it’s crucial to support small and local businesses. It is so easy to do here in West Sussex where there are so many thriving and creative small businesses. We have always sold local, artisanal products from ceramics to hand painted cards, walking sticks to wooden bowls and platters now we are promoting designer-maker Alexander Arbuthnot of Zayin Studios.

Zayin Studios is owned and run by Alex and his workshop is in Wiston, West Sussex where he produces his next line of products as well as commissions for larger pieces of furniture. He spent a good portion of his childhood in Sullington and considers himself a semi-local.

The pieces currently displayed at the cafe at The Old Workshop are all unique, designed and hand crafted by Zayin Studios with a range from gifts perfect for Mother’s Day, Easter or birthdays for friends and family. There are also hand-crafted bespoke statement pieces which could really enhance your interiors – whilst you, your friends and family appreciate the skilled workmanship which has been poured into each piece. A beautiful bespoke item of furniture could completely change your daily life.

Side Table from the cafe at The Old Workshop, Sullington Manor Farm, West Sussex

End-grain Plywood Side Table

Side Table from the cafe at The Old Workshop, Sullington Manor Farm, West Sussex

Close up of the beautiful side table

All pieces designed and made by Zayin Studios on display in the cafe at The Old Workshop can also be found in our online shop on our website here.

One such stand-alone piece is the beautiful river coffee table carved from local cherry wood with a blue resin river running through the centre which catches the sunlight perfectly. This could be the ultimate conversation starter in your living room – the tactile, smooth cherry wood and the equally smooth river of blue resin all mastered by a small and local designer and maker – Alex Arbuthnot, Zayin Studios.

There are also smaller wooden pieces, still thoughtfully made with care, which could be ideal for you, such as cutting boards, AeroPress stands and a detailed picture frame. Each item is individually made and featured in our shop on our website.

One of the positives to come out of the recent restrictions that we have really appreciated is having the space to display more artisanal and unique products from local artists. Please do feel free to take a peek at our display in the windows of the cafe at The Old Workshop on Sullington Manor Farm, West Sussex.

Today is a perfect day for a walk on the South Downs Way from Sullington Hill and a purchase of a special gift to treat yourself or your loved ones in this long lock down. Commissioning a piece of furniture or even a bespoke photograph frame may sound extravagant but…how else can you help create an item that suits your needs, taste, lifestyle and environment so perfectly? You could even help choose materials that are meaningful or rare. All this and you’d be backing a local, independent creative business and not a mass manufacturer.

If you would like to browse our online shop, please click here. If you would like to return to our main blogs page, please click here.

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Gail KittleAre you looking for bespoke and artisanal wooden pieces made locally?

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