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St Mary’s Church, Sullington is originally Saxon although it was altered in both the Norman times and 12th and 13th centuries, was significantly refurbished in 1875 and had a new internal porch to mark the millennium in 2001.

The church has been standing beneath the South Downs for over a thousand years amongst a yew grove which is even older, one of the trees is dated to being over 1300 years young! The church is incredibly picturesque, inside and out.

Sullington Flower Festival happens, every other year, over the last weekend of June.

Please read more about the church and service times here.

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View of the lych gate, flower festival 2018

The church covered in snow

Sullington St Mary's Church

St Mary's, Sullington

Marble effigy of 13th century knight

View of the church

View of the entrance of St Mary's, Sullington

Interior of the church

Saint Mathhaus, Lucas and Marcus stained glass windows

The organ inside St Mary's, Sullington

The organ pipes in St Mary's, Sullington

Marble effigy of a 13th century knight

Sullington Saxon Church Tower

Memorial stained glass window in Sullington Church

Sullington Church

Gail KittleSullington Church